If you are looking for motivational speakers for your school, please peruse the list below to find a recommended speaker who may fit your needs. Click on each speaker's name for more information about their services.

Walking is Over-rated is the broad title to a humorous program designed for students from kindergarten through high school.  It has been enjoyed in 43 states by over a half a million students over the past ten years. Matt changes the way the program is presented to accommodate different grade levels. In all the variations of the program, Matt explains the challenges of growing up as a child with a disability.

Has been a recovering drug addict since 15, lost her legs to infections from overuse of drugs.  

Volleyball player enthusiast Bob Holmes challenges teams to take him on during his "One Man Team" presentations.  He has traveled nationwide with his important as well as entertaining exhibition focused on the message of "Beating the Odds". 
Drama speaks a language young people understand, and when CLIMB performs in a gym or teaches in a classroom. . . .kids listen!!! CLIMB produces original plays and classes for K-12th grade on topics like Substance Abuse Prevention. 
THE PLEDGE will motivate students to make a positive difference in the world around them with their words, actions, and attitudes. Everyone faces difficulties in life; we all experience loneliness, frustration, and the pressures to do negative things like drugs, alcohol, smoking, or bullying others.  

Was one of the three pilots that was convicted and sent to prison for flying a commercial airliner drunk.  He shares his stories about recovering from alcoholism.  

A compilation of speakers created by Students Against Destructive Decisions.

CLIMB Theatre Group