Regional Safe and Healthy Schools Network

2019-20 CESA 5 Safe and Healthy Schools Meetings

  • #1 Oct 25, 2019
    #2 January 31, 2020
    #3  April 23, 2020

Safe and Healthy Schools Network
Public Schools in the CESA 5 region have an opportunity to be a member of the Safe and Healthy Schools Network. Membership is based on school enrollment. Members of the SHS Network receive the following benefits:
  • Customized expertise on bullying, violence prevention, ATOD, and school climate.
  • 30% discount on the daily training rate for any of the following on-site trainings:
    • ATOD prevention, effective intervention, and best practice
    • School emergency and crisis response plans
    • Trauma Sensitive Schools
    • Bullying prevention for administration, staff, and students
    • Project Northland curriculum
    • Suicide prevention/intervention and training
    • Youth leadership
    • Teen Health Maze
    • Teen Court
    • Co-curricular Codes of Conduct design and implementation
    • Parent engagement
  • Consultation with grant writing.
  • SHS website (links, calendar, resources).
  • One day inservice per district each year on an appropriate topic at no charge.
  • Quarterly Network Meetings

For more information, or to book a training, contact Rick Raatz, 608-745-5492