Bullying Prevention

Web Links to Bullying Resources



Who Cares by Paul McCartney and Emma Stone

Don't Laugh at Me by Peter, Paul and Mary or Mark Wills

Use a Word by Red Grammar

See me Beautiful by Red Grammar

Respect by Aretha Franklin and Others

We all have Gifts to Share by Susan kay Wyatt

Every Child a Promise by Robi Kahakahau

YouTube Videos on Bullying

What Would You Do? TV show of bystanders reaction to girls bullying behavior

Video made by Alye Pollack

One High School Girl's Response to Alye

Another High School Girl's Response to Alye 

Musical Video made by a UW-Madison student to Lady Gaga's song, Hair - addresses gay bullying and "it gets better."

Words Hurt - 30 second PSA

Cyberbullying PSA - Think before you post

Peter Yarrow's Song: Don't Laugh at Me - sung by Mark Wills

Video w/ music made by Students about bullying - 2.5 minutes

Video made by Alye (see above) - ONE YEAR LATER

YouTube Video

Middle School made Video & Dance to stand up against bullying

YouTube Video

To Inspire Youth and/or Adults to "Stand by Me"